Letter to registrars, new logo!

To follow up our first letter to the consultant group in South Australia, we now have completed the process of introducing ourselves, connecting to the trainees in the state. The letter can be viewed below, and as you can see it looks much nicer now, with a new letterhead and logo, as well as some photos.

These changes and more will be included in our upcoming SARRN newsletter.


Dear colleagues,

We are writing to let you know about new developments in radiology research in South Australia, and how these changes can help you with the research requirement during your training.

We are establishing the South Australian Radiology Research Network (SARRN); an organisation that potentiates and supports radiology research by making research easier and more collaborative.

The major functions of this network will be to:

CONNECT REGISTRARS AND RADIOLOGISTS by identifying shared research interests. Currently most registrars go to consultants they know and ask for project ideas for their part one and two projects. Ideally, we want to help you identify your own interests so you can do something you find valuable, and then connect you to a like-minded supervisor.

PROVIDE EDUCATION SESSIONS on searching the literature, critical appraisal, research methods and design, biostatistics, informatics, and writing journal papers, are available. The College is currently reviewing the research component of the curriculum, including compulsory statistics training; we will be able to provide local support for this program.

INFORM REGISTRARS about important news and changes related to research, both within the College and opportunities arising within SA Health. We will keep you informed on changes in project requirements, new curriculum elements, new ethics procedures, collaboration opportunities and so on.

REDUCE THE TIME BURDEN of research by developing and maintaining online resources to help with writing ethics applications and grant proposals, and curating high quality education materials and cheat sheets to facilitate your projects.

OFFER ASSISTANCE WITH DEVELOPING YOUR PROJECT AND ANALYSING THE RESULTS. Advice and guidance can be provided on research methods, statistical analysis and data management. If your research needs are highly specialised, we can help identify appropriate support for your project.

STREAMLINE POSTGRADUATE TRAINING by identifying opportunities and assisting with the logistics of pursuing higher education, including online short courses, Masters Degrees and PhDs.

POTENTIATE CROSS-DISCIPLINARY RESEARCH through our collaborative relationships with clinical, academic and governance groups outside of radiology. If you have an interesting project that needs outside expertise, we can help.

RESPOND TO CURRICULUM REQUIREMENTS AND REGISTRAR INTEREST. We will advocate for you and work to access the formal support you need, which could include protected research time for registrars, developing and supporting an ongoing research fellow position etc.

We are keen to promote interest in research among radiology practitioners in South Australia, and facilitate research for anyone who is interested. We would love to see more registrar engagement in research, and we acknowledge the way to achieve this is to make it less burdensome for trainees to go from idea to publication.

Please let us know about your research needs and interests. Also let us know if you have any other ideas to further the agenda of the research network, or if you would like to be involved with SARRN directly.

You can explore our website at https://sarrn.wordpress.com/, and check out the resources and information we already have available (although this is just the beginning). Please contact us as saradiologyresearchnetwork@gmail.com

Many thanks,


Associate Professor Taryn Bessen,
Research Mentor, RANZCR (SA Branch)


Dr Luke Oakden-Rayner,
Academic Senior Radiology Registrar, RAH
PhD Candidate, University of Adelaide