SARRN was established in 2016 to accelerate radiology research in South Australia.

The South Australian Radiology Research Network supports radiologists, trainees, clinicians and academics in the process of identifying research opportunities, finding collaborators, and planning and performing research.



  • To promote and potentiate radiology research in South Australia by reducing the complexity and administrative burden.
  • To teach research skills and evidence based radiology to South Australian practitioners.
  • To form research connections between South Australian radiologists and other clinical, academic and industry groups.
  • Promoting the use of evidence based guidelines.



Associate Professor Taryn Bessen

Associate Professor Taryn Bessen is a Senior Staff Radiologist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. She is the Research Mentor for the SA Branch of the College of Radiology, as well as holding various research and governance positions.

Her personal research interests include Cancer Follow-up, Health Economics, Evidence Based Radiology, and Translational Research.

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Dr Luke Oakden-Rayner

Luke is a Senior Radiology Registrar, currently employed at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in an mixed clinical and academic role. He is currently working towards his PhD in Medicine at the University of Adelaide.

His research interests include machine learning, exploratory data analysis, predictive and personalised health analytics, and intelligent medical tutoring systems.

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